Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trane Heat Pumps - The most Efficient Heating Today.

Trane Heat Pumps - 2 and 3 times the Contribution.

In air conditioning have two options only cold or hot and cold, thanks to the heat pump air conditioners in winter climatizan getting warm environments with very little consumption. The great advantage of the heat pump resides in its energy efficiency in heating, since it is capable of providing more energy than it consumes approximately 2 to 3 times more. This is because the air conditioning free energy recovered from the external environment and add it as useful energy for heating.

Carrier Heat Pumps - Located Somewhere in one Device.

Therefore, to achieve the same effect consumes less energy than other appliances or heating systems and, of course, the cost of heating is also lower, in line with most competitive systems.


The heat pump located somewhere in one air conditioner, the heat pump is cold, so you save on the installation of two heating systems and we have a great variety of products on the market.

Lennox Heat Pumps - The Cycle Heat Pumps.

We have air conditioning heat pump cold split, multi-split, compact, portable, VRV systems, power equipment, rooftop, boilers, radiant floors, etc. separate units. Heat pumps are a system designed to provide heating and cooling using the same processes.

Instead of generating heat as other systems such as boilers, heat pumps pump a very cold coolant absorbs heat from the environment or from any nearby source, passed through a booster compressor temperature and pressure which transforms it into steam leaving conveccionado irradiated or the environment. The cycle heat pumps refrigerant culminates when all the accumulated heat dissipated and liquefies again descending pressure and temperature, restarting the cycle again.

Goodman Heat Pumps - The great Advantages.

The great advantages of the heat pump lies in its high energy efficiency because it provides two or three times more than that consumed through a circulation system in which radiated heat is recaptured and returned to the environment, taking into account that provides both services (heating - cooling) the cost of heat pumps is low and existing aircraft maintenance is poor, it is also an advantage that the new models are designed with decorative features that erase the image of the great anti aesthetic devices past. The same applies to noise, almost zero, in new equipment heat pump.

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